MA202DG Differential micromanometer

MA202DG Differential micromanometer
MA202DG Differential micromanometer
User Manual
Manufacturer Tecnocontrol

MA202DG Differential micromanometer


Differential micro-manometer with alphanumerical and liquid crystals display (2x8 characters).
This instrument works by a pressure sensor and it’s supplied with a case with small silicone pipes (3x6mm, 6x8mm) and a small metallic pipe 4x6mm.
Automatic power-down with signalizing after 10 minutes (possible cut out at ignition),
Automating zero setting,
HOLD function push button,
OVERFLOW signalizing over 1200 mm H2O,
UNDERFLOW signalizing under – 200 mm H2O
Measurements range selects: mmH2O, PSI, hPa, mbar and mmHg

Standard Specification:

Power supply: 1 9V alcalyne battery model 6LR61
Battery life: 25÷30 hours (constantly working)
Range: 0 ÷ 1000 mmH2O
Resolution scale: ±0,1 mmH2O up to 200 mmH2O,±1 mmH2O from 200 mmH2O up to 1000 mmH2O
Accuracy: ±1%
Max. working pressure: max. 7500 mmH2O