Quantum Penetrating Oil


Quantum Penetrating Oil 400ml


Penetrating multipurpose lubricant in spray

Unjams nuts, screws and mechanical parts which have been jammed due to rust. Lubricates moving mechanisms, electronic components, automotive components, bicycles, sewing machines, tools, etc. Protects against rust. It contains vapor corrosion inhibitors that form a molecular ion inhibiting layer, resulting in excellent protection of metal surfaces from atmospheric attack or salts. It provides anti-oxidant function for electrical and electronic contacts. Removes water or moisture from the surfaces on which it is applied. Protects mechanical parts of cars and engine components from freezing. Cleans and removes grease, oil, adhesives, etc., from the surfaces on which it is applied. It is suitable for marine applications, for cleaning, lubricating and protecting vessels, fishing equipment, and machine parts which are in contact with sea water.

400ml can